Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parking priority?

We visited a church last Sunday that had the first five parking spots closest to the door reserved for visitors.

I turned around yesterday in another church's parking lot. The parking spot closest to the door was reserved for the pastor.

Now to be fair, I don't know if the second church's pastor has mobility issues or other special needs.

And while it's easy to judge the second church, aren't we guilty of the same thing? It's much easier to put our first efforts at church towards our projects and our friends, rather than to try to welcome our guests and meet their needs.


  1. I read this right after seeing Dave come out of the women's restroom...he'd been in there cleaning to make it nicey-nice for all the ladies:) Gotta love a servant-leader!

    It is easier to serve one's own interests...but it does take a unique gift to reach out to a stranger and welcome them in. Maybe that's one of your gifts or callings in the Body of Christ. Every church needs those type of people...who see the need and then respond. And who better to meet that need than someone who has been a "visitor" several times:) I totally believe that God breaks our hearts for the things we are called to...

    Glad you are blogging again:)

  2. Maybe the pastor was employee of the month... It could happen! :)