Monday, January 25, 2010

Forgotten sugar...

Last week, Patrick found a recipe for Crazy Cake and asked me to make it sometime. Tonight he had a meeting, so I wanted to surprise him with it.

Someone had commented that the batter was really good, so I sampled some (who doesn't sample the batter?) and it was...yuck. Bitter, sour, I'm not quite sure what. But it definitely didn't taste like cake.

Then I remembered--I didn't have room in the sifter for the sugar with the rest of the dry ingredients. So I had tried to make a cake with no sugar! Luckily it wasn't in the oven yet, so I stirred it in. I don't know how evenly the sugar got mixed in, but it was much more edible!

How often I forget the sugar in the recipe of life. It's easy to get fixated on the "what has to get done", especially in the morning. It turns me into a clanging gong, a crashing symbol.

Lord, help me sweeten my words with love--a patient, kind, unenvious, humble, other centered,not easily angered, rejoicing in the truth, protecting, trusting, hoping, perseverant love.

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