Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painted fingers and toes

I don't usually wear nail polish. Mr. Theophilus doesn't like the way it smells, I can't keep it nice for more than a few hours.

But today, I'm wearing polish.

Why? As a tangible reminder to be a bearer of good news.

Today my girls and I looked at the story of Naaman's wife's servant. She isn't even named, but the wisdom of a little girl lead to the healing of an army commander.

Even though she was a nameless servant, she pointed someone to God.
Even though she didn't get any benefit out of it, she pointed someone to God.
She shared her faith in a real way, and it bore fruit.

We talked about Isaiah 52:7: How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bear good news! The girls thought that feet that had just climbed a mountain were probably pretty dirty and stinky, but they seemed beautiful when they came with God's good news.

To remind ourselves to proclaim peace, good tidings, and salvation, we painted our toenails. While it wasn't the neatest job, it gave us an opportunity to talk about who we could share good news with and ways to do it.

So I'll wear my diamond sparkle pink nail polish this week, and remember to bear good news whenever and where ever I can.


  1. Just stopped by to visit for the first time. I like what you're doing here!
    Will be back.. :)

  2. Walking here with a smile :)
    Loved the post :)

  3. Very nice. Polish can be quite good some days. You just have to feel like it. :)

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  5. Your blog is such a blessing, thankyou x
    I've just finished painting my nails sparkly pink