Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Branch

Sunday we got to the whale watching place early, and were wandering around. I thought I heard "our kind of church" music, and there was indeed a church meeting in the boat house at 9:30. The boat trip wasn't until 10:30, so we went for a while. We got to sing one song (a favorite), and then there was a baby dedication (like a baptism or Christening). What was cool was that the mom had a dream about having two healthy babies a week before going into the US...and finding out they were having twins. She had preterm labor issues at 22 weeks and they were born at 29 weeks, but didn't have any of the health complications the doctors kept telling them to expect. While it seems strange, I found peace in that, especially since right before I had the miscarriage, a friend had a vision of me and some too big pants. The pants went in a dryer and came out the right size...kind of the converse story, but still healing in it. We left before the sermon started, and ended up telling the kids about the miscarriage. Henry gave me an overprotective bear hug, and Harmony started asking questions.

I'm not sure where to go with this, but I do know that was a completely a healing God moment.

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