Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday: school

Henry and Harmony brought home report cards yesterday, and both are doing very well. I've already done a thankfulness about Henry's teacher--today I'm thankful for the entire school setup. I thankful that when I drop them off, they're greeted by name and with a smile by the dropoff aids--and that Henry would rather rush in the morning to say hi to the bus monitor (who provides books for them to look at and plays fun kid-appropriate music if they are quiet). I'm thankful that the teachers try to help each child succeed, no matter where they're starting from. They're also really positive and reinforce the good. I'm thankful that the playground is fun and safe, and got new equipment last week. It's cool enough that Harmony won't wear skirts because it's hard to play in a dress.

And I'm thankful that it's Saturday and they don't have school today!

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